For the North End Community Ministry / food pantry visit or call (616) 454-1097.

We meet for worship at 214 Spencer Street NE. Directions.
Service begins Sundays at 10:00AM.

A Thousand Tongues

New City Church is launching a new ministry called “A Thousand Tongues.” This ministry features the original worship music written by Eric Scholtens (our worship leader). Eric’s music is engaging on multiple levels, from melodies that are fun to sing to the rich depth of the lyrics. We firmly believe this music is a gift to God’s people and should be shared beyond New City Church.

On Saturday, August 15 at 7:00PM we’re having a free concert in our Auditorium. We will provide an opportunity for you to give to this ministry but the concert is free. We have raised the necessary funds to record the album and are now actively raising additional funds for distribution. Join us this Saturday to discover some new worship music.