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what’s next?

As we’ve journeyed through the Gospel of John, the importance of unity within the body of Christ has been crystal clear. Its importance is highlighted in the fact that Jesus, in his final recorded prayer, prayed for it. Christian unity is not merely an ideal we must strive for—it is a hallmark of the Christian […]

cling to what lasts

Several decades after Solomon’s magnificent temple in Jerusalem had been destroyed by the Babylonians, the Jewish people were allowed to return to Jerusalem and begin rebuilding it by a decree from Cyrus king of Persia. There was a great celebration when the foundation of the new temple was laid. Though many rejoiced, there were many […]

a shared meal

It is easy to overlook minor details but details are often not minor—they only appear to be minor. Consider the Passover story in Exodus 12 where we read what initially appears to be a minor detail about sharing. God had sent nine plagues against Pharaoh and Egypt for Pharaoh’s obstinacy in refusing to let Israel […]

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join us in person again!

Beginning December 13 we’re back to gathering together in our auditorium at 10:30AM. We continue to practice safety measures. Please wear a mask if you’re moving around. Wash your hands frequently. Use the hand sanitizer that is available. Avoid sitting in the pews that are marked as off-limits. When communion served allow the server to […]

online for a few weeks

Due to the increase in COVID-19 infections rates, we are suspending in-person worship until December 13. A post containing a guide to worship in your home, as well as a message from J-T, will be available at 9:30AM on Sunday mornings. At 10:30 we will have a church-wide zoom call to connect with each other.

a brief announcement

On June 14 at 10:30AM New City Church will worship together again. We will practice social distancing so a number of things will change. For more details, see here.

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