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how should we vote on Tuesday? quietly.

A friend who serves another church recently told me about some folk who have decided to break fellowship with that church because he was not taking a public stand on the upcoming election here in Michigan. Because he did not publicly advocate for a particular issue on the ballot, they were choosing to break fellowship […]

whence comes a peaceful and quiet life?

On Monday I was asked a very insightful question about Sunday’s sermon. In that sermon we saw that Paul urged Timothy and the Ephesian church to pray for all people without distinction. This includes praying for kings and all those in authority. This was a significant instruction from the apostle for Nero was the emperor […]

what’s taking so long?

Last Sunday we looked at 1 Timothy 1:12–17. To encourage and strengthen Timothy for the work he was to do in leading the church in Ephesus, Paul shared his own faith story telling Timothy how it was that the Lord strengthened him to endure suffering and to remain faithful. He shared how he was “the […]

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yes, we still have power!

While many are without power due to the overnight thunderstorms, we still have power in our building. Come and join us at 10:00AM!

Stephanie (Suggs) Moore funeral service

The funeral for Stephanie Moore will be held here at New City Church (see map), 214 Spencer St NE (on Plainfield, north of Leonard) at 11:00AM. For those unable to attend Stephanie’s funeral service in person, the service will be streamed via Zoom. You may access the stream via the following link: New City is […]

Good Friday / Tenebrae service

Join us on April 15—Good Friday—for a Tenebrae service. We will be joined by the folk from Gracehill Church, Coit Community Church, and Fourth Reformed Church for a powerful time of remembering the death of Jesus in anticipation of Easter Sunday. The service begins at 7:00PM in our auditorium.

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