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just as important?

Last Saturday a group of men from the church arrived at Jacque’s place to load up a moving truck and take all her belongings to her new home where they would unload it. This was after numerous other men and women helped clean and paint her new place. The help she was given was an […]

who bears fruit of the Spirit?

I was recently asked about fruit of the Spirit as Paul describes it in his letter to the churches in Galatia. The specific question was whether unbelievers bear fruit of the Spirit. Can they have real, genuine peace and joy, etc.? First, Let’s take a look at this fruit. In Galatians Paul instructs the believers […]

keep silent?!

This Sunday we’re taking a look at Paul’s instructions for worship in the gathered assembly in 1 Corinthians 14. As we will see, spiritual worship—worship led and empowered by the Spirit of God—builds up the church, is intelligible or readily understood, and is orderly rather than chaotic. The latter does not require a strict liturgy […]

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Good Friday / Tenebrae service

On Friday, April 7, we will share a meal with our brothers and sisters from Fourth Reformed Church and Indwelling Church and then worship together with them as we remember our Lord’s death through a Tenebrae service. “Tenebrae” is Latin for darkness or shadows. In this unique worship service the lights are slowly dimmed until […]

yes, we still have power!

While many are without power due to the overnight thunderstorms, we still have power in our building. Come and join us at 10:00AM!

Stephanie (Suggs) Moore funeral service

The funeral for Stephanie Moore will be held here at New City Church (see map), 214 Spencer St NE (on Plainfield, north of Leonard) at 11:00AM. For those unable to attend Stephanie’s funeral service in person, the service will be streamed via Zoom. You may access the stream via the following link: New City is […]

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