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let’s remember our baptism

We’ve been working our way through the Apostles’ Creed as a guide for what has been believed “everywhere, always, and by all” Christians. The core of our Trinitarian faith is contained in the Creed, yet the Creed does not contain all that we believe. Within our ancient, historic faith are broad streams that diverge on […]

what does the Bible say about Juneteenth?

The apostle Paul’s letter to the Christians in Rome is one of the most widely-studied books of the entire Bible. Whether it’s the so-called “New Perspective of Paul” or questions about Paul’s primary purpose in writing the letter, the debates are far-reaching and, frankly, never-ending. It is one of the richest and most magnificent books […]

godly grief and true repentance

When Paul wrote 1 Corinthians he promised to send Timothy to them (1 Corinthians 4:17; 16:11). First Corinthians was a difficult letter for Paul to send as things in the church in Corinth were not well. There were divisions in the church threatening the unity the Spirit gives (1:10–17; 3:1–23). They were proud of sexual […]

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celebrating ten years

On Sunday, April 25, New City Church will celebrate ten years of God’s blessing and faithfulness. We will meet for prayer at 9:30 and then for worship at 10:30. After worshiping together we will meet at the North Park Church Pavilion, located at 950 – 4 Mile Road. The church will provide baked and fried […]

Palm Sunday and Good Friday

This Sunday marks our last sermon in the Gospel According to John. At times it seemed at times this day would never come, it’s finally here! We’re excited to have New City Kids help lead us in worship. New City Kids is an organization that provides many students with the opportunity to learn to play […]

ten years!? whaaat!?

On April 24, 2011, God saw fit to have us launch New City Church at Palmer Elementary. On April 25, 2021 we will celebrate ten years of God’s faithfulness to our church. We are really excited for the many great things God has done and each one of New City’s Elders is excited for what […]

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