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bar codes, vaccines, chip implants, and the mark of the beast

When I was a teen, bar codes—those “Universal Product Codes” that are printed on everything we purchase—were a little over a decade old. They were also said to be the mark of the beast the apostle John mentions in Revelation 13. Since John said that the time was coming when one could neither buy nor […]

to serve and protect

There has been an alarming increase in anti-Asian violence in our country. It seems that every day we learn of a new incident in which a person of Asian descent—often an older men or woman—was viciously attacked and told he or she does not “belong here”. This sort of violence is not new; the target […]

some presents require presence

My wife has a friend who lives near Chicago. They don’t see each other all that often, but they connect somewhat regularly over text and email. There are definitely no Zoom meetings and absolutely no phone calls—I have trouble getting my wife to answer my calls. (Apparently introverts don’t like talking to people. Weird.) Occasionally […]

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Palm Sunday and Good Friday

This Sunday marks our last sermon in the Gospel According to John. At times it seemed at times this day would never come, it’s finally here! We’re excited to have New City Kids help lead us in worship. New City Kids is an organization that provides many students with the opportunity to learn to play […]

ten years!? whaaat!?

On April 24, 2011, God saw fit to have us launch New City Church at Palmer Elementary. On April 25, 2021 we will celebrate ten years of God’s faithfulness to our church. We are really excited for the many great things God has done and each one of New City’s Elders is excited for what […]

join us in person again!

Beginning December 13 we’re back to gathering together in our auditorium at 10:30AM. We continue to practice safety measures. Please wear a mask if you’re moving around. Wash your hands frequently. Use the hand sanitizer that is available. Avoid sitting in the pews that are marked as off-limits. When communion served allow the server to […]

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