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baptism is more than just getting wet

I was recently asked a question about baptism. Specifically, I was asked what our requirements are for baptism. To answer this we must first explore what baptism even is. We can quickly dismiss the notion that it’s a mere formality. It is often treated as such, especially by those who hold to a credobaptist view, […]

saved through childbearing?

I was asked yesterday about the meaning of something Paul wrote in 1 Timothy. First Timothy has some of the most debated words in all of Scripture! The specific question I was asked is this: “We know we are saved by grace through faith, yet Paul writes verse 15.” She’s referring to 1 Timothy 2:15. […]

the R word

Racism is an ugly word, and it’s one that is often conflated with the related—but very distinct—word prejudice. In short, prejudice is a prejudgment. We all experience prejudice. If you run into a young man in the grocery store who is 6’10”, you probably assume he plays basketball. This is a rather neutral form of […]

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Stephanie (Suggs) Moore funeral service

The funeral for Stephanie Moore will be held here at New City Church (see map), 214 Spencer St NE (on Plainfield, north of Leonard) at 11:00AM. For those unable to attend Stephanie’s funeral service in person, the service will be streamed via Zoom. You may access the stream via the following link: New City is […]

Good Friday / Tenebrae service

Join us on April 15—Good Friday—for a Tenebrae service. We will be joined by the folk from Gracehill Church, Coit Community Church, and Fourth Reformed Church for a powerful time of remembering the death of Jesus in anticipation of Easter Sunday. The service begins at 7:00PM in our auditorium.

Pat Soddy’s Memorial Service

On December 10 at 11:00AM we are having a Memorial Service for Pat Soddy. There will be a light luncheon available after the service. If you are unable to attend in person, you may watch a video stream of the service here: New City is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Topic: Pat Soddy’s […]

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