For the North End Community Ministry / food pantry visit or call (616) 454-1097.

We meet for worship at 214 Spencer Street NE. Directions.
Service begins Sundays at 10:00AM.

Palm Sunday and Good Friday

This Sunday marks our last sermon in the Gospel According to John. At times it seemed at times this day would never come, it’s finally here!

We’re excited to have New City Kids help lead us in worship. New City Kids is an organization that provides many students with the opportunity to learn to play various instruments and sing, as well as a host of other opportunities (check them out here). Several of their students will join us this Sunday and they will lead us in singing as we worship our great God.

This Friday is Good Friday. Please join us for a Good Friday service at 7:00 in our Auditorium. We will sing, pray, read the Scriptures, and observe the Lord’s Supper. The service will last one hour. I’m excited to worship together with you in anticipation of Easter Sunday.