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what’s good about Friday?

This Good Friday, unlike most (all?) we’ve ever experienced, feels rather solemn, much like the original Good Friday must have felt. This is the first time in eight years that New City Church will not gather with Fourth and Creston Churches to worship our Lord together for giving his life for ours.

As many know, Calvary Church is our “mother church.” I was a Pastoral Resident there for three years prior to launching New City Church on Easter Sunday, 2011. Calvary has been very supportive of me and of this church, through prayer, financial support, and numerous other ways.

Calvary has produced a Good Friday video with people from churches like—and including—New City, sister churches who can point to Calvary’s role in these churches forming. The video features readers and musicians from these churches and recounts Jesus’ final day, the Friday he gave his life for us, beginning after his arrest.

It is Good Friday because Jesus gave his life to rescue us from sin and death and from sickness and sorrow and suffering. We are in the last days, the period between his victory on Easter Sunday and his return when he brings his work to its fullest completion. Until then, we celebrate, but we celebrate in faith for what it not yet here in its fullness.

Please wait to watch the video until you are able to watch it in its entirety. It is 37 minutes long.