For the North End Community Ministry / food pantry visit or call (616) 454-1097.

We meet for worship at 214 Spencer Street NE. Directions.
Service begins Sundays at 10:00AM.

Reformation Day Celebration (Service and Meal)

(Wittenberg door at Castle Church)

“The Protestant Reformation was fundamentally a controversy with the Roman Catholic Church over how helpless we really are in our deadness and guilt. The Reformers believed that only grace could raise us from the dead, and only Christ could become our punishment and our perfection. These two miracles—of life from the dead and wrath removed—could only be received as a gift through faith. They could never be merited or earned, all so that the entire transaction would culminate soli Deo Gloria—to the glory of God alone.”John Piper

Join us as we celebrate our common faith with our sister churches: Berean Baptist, 4th Reformed, Sunshine, and Coit Community. We will have a service followed by a potluck meal. Sunday, October 29th @5:30PM at New City Church. Please bring a dish to share.