For the North End Community Ministry / food pantry visit or call (616) 454-1097.

We meet for worship at 214 Spencer Street NE. Directions.
Service begins Sundays at 10:00AM.

Corporate Prayer

“Prayer is our Christian duty. It is an expression of submission to God and dependence upon Him. For that matter, prayer is arguably the most objective measurement of our dependence upon God. Think of it this way. The things you pray about are the things you trust God to handle. The things you neglect to pray about are the things you trust you can handle on your own.” (H.B. Charles)

Praying with and for each other is a vital part of the Church. Please join us on the first and third Mondays in the Conference Room at 7:00PM as we seek to change the status quo by petitioning a God who hears and works.