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Read through the Bible in 2013

Attempting to read through the entire Bible in a single year can be daunting.  Reading through Scripture is a great way to see the flow of human history from God’s perspective.

We’ve put together a reading plan that takes one through the Bible, while not requiring one to read every book of the Bible (though we recommend that, too!).  Most days will feature two chapters with readings scheduled for Sunday through Friday.  This reading plan will walk through the entire scope of history covered by the Bible, from creation in Genesis through the new creation in Revelation.

In addition to reading through Biblical history, the reader will make it through all 150 psalms.  The book of Psalms is the most-quoted book by the New Testament authors.  It features great depictions of human sorrow and soaring proclamations of the beauty and majesty of God.

I plan to follow this reading plan in 2013.  I hope you will join me!

A copy of the reading plan is available here.