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let’s look elsewhere

In the ancient Roman world, a barbarian was anyone who was not Roman. To be Roman was to be civilized, to be part of the broader culture. There was a general sense of shared values and a shared language. To be outside of this accepted norm was to be barbaric. A barbarian could become Roman […]

holy work

Years ago my wife and I decided to start a family. She left the regular workforce and began volunteering with Project Literacy to fill her time. One Sunday we visited a church and also visited a class for young married couples. I’ll never forget this particular woman who walked up to us, full of confidence […]

a surprising gift

In the small college I attended, a professor nearly universally adored would often offer hilarious one-liners. If he saw a student distracted and not doing what he or she should be doing he might say, “Don’t just do something; stand there!” One of my favorite lines is—and yes, I have completely and forever stolen this […]

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services temporarily canceled—UPDATED

Due to the coronavirus / COVID-19 outbreak and in compliance with Governor Whitmer’s Executive Order banning public assemblages greater than 50 persons, New City’s services are canceled through April 5. At this time we hope to begin assembling together again on April 12, just in time for Easter! UPDATE: Please note that Governor Whitmer’s Executive […]

Family Meal & Meeting

New City Family, Make sure to mark your calendars for our next Family Meeting & Meal. Bring your favorite Salad, Dessert, Sides and/or Main course to share with each other. We would love to see y’all there. SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 10TH

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