For the North End Community Ministry / food pantry visit or call (616) 454-1097.

We meet for worship at 214 Spencer Street NE. Directions.
Service begins Sundays at 10:00AM.

worship for Sunday, March 29

During this statewide lockdown, we are unable to be the gathered assembly, so let’s be the scattered assembly! As before, watch the song videos and sing along, listen to the Scripture reading, watch the childrens’ story and a message from J-T, give, and then pray, knowing that we’re doing so together, even as we are the #scatteredassembly.

Scripture reading from John 12:20-33, read by Diana.

Our practice is to choose a “song of response” that connects directly to the sermon, one that we can sing with intent and with purpose as we respond to how God has spoken to us. While this song may not be familiar to us, it is an appropriate response. Listen to it and read the lyrics and pay attention to the message of it all the way through. Allow God to drive its message deep into your heart.

As J-T often reminds us in our gathered assembly, we worship God in a variety of ways, whether singing or reading Scripture or hearing his word preached or greeting one another. We are currently unable to share the Lord’s Supper, which is necessarily a communal meal, we can still pray and give. Take the time now to scroll to the top of the page and click on the “GIVE” button.

As we grow in Christ-likeness, we become more generous, for no one is as generous as our God. Last week’s offering was $7,794! This brings the Fiscal-Year-to-Date offering total to $82,067 (the Fiscal Year is from August through July). Our budgeted need through last Sunday was $81,124, which means our offerings are $943 above our budgeted need for the Fiscal Year. God continues to bless us with the capacity to do ministry and function as a church. Let us be encouraged!

Finally, let’s pray for one another. Let’s continue to pray for Adam and his back pain that is preventing him from working. Pray for Quiana as well.

Pray for Bruce and his health as he returns home from a medical rehab facility.

Pray for Erik and his family as his grandmother Juanita died this past week. Continue to pray for the Wynaldas and for Bethany as they are still recovering from the loss of both of Jim’s parents.

Pray for those who are particularly isolated during this time. Do more than pray: reach out to them. Call. Use Zoom or Skype. Send a note in the mail. Send a text. Stand on the sidewalk in front of the house and wave. Just make sure each person at New City is loved and cared for.

Pray for all the healthcare workers in our church. Being on the frontline they are at greater risk. Pray for their health and safety.

Pray Stephen and Alissa’s extended family as each has family members who have contracted this virus.

Pray for our missionaries. Jonathan and Noella Kleis remain in near total lockdown in Italy, yet they are seeing fruit from their labors. The young man who had begun to wander away from the church reached out with a prayer request to Jonathan recently. Others have begun to join their church plant even though they can only meet via video! Praise God for being at work in the midst of adversity!

Kizombo and Wababili continue to serve in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Pray for their ongoing faithfulness and fruitfulness even as they are several decades into ministry there. Pray for the resources they need for their school and for equipping the many pastors they train.

Pray for God to enable us to pay off our building as this will increase our capacity to do ministry by allowing those resources to be used elsewhere.

Pray for many to come to faith in Jesus during this difficult time. Whether the curve is flattening or about to get significantly steeper, our God is in control and so we ask him to save many, that they might know the God of the universe in the midst of the storm.