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Book: Exodus (1), John (4).
Date: 2011 (1), 2012 (1), 2015 (1), 2017 (1)

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Sermons (4)

Let's Obey, Part 1
John 15:1-11 (Part of the Let's... series).
Preached by Dan Lane on January 1, 2017 (Sunday Morning).
John 4:23-24 (Part of the Spiritual Disciplines series).
Preached by John-Thomas Richards on August 2, 2015 (Sunday Morning).
The Word
Exodus 25:8 (Part of the What Is the Church? series).
Preached by John-Thomas Richards on December 30, 2012 (Sunday Morning).
John 1:1-18 (Part of the From Garden to Garden: the Story of the Bible series).
Preached by Josh Mateer on August 14, 2011 (Sunday Morning).
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All worship is an intelligent and loving response to the revelation of God. Our worship is poor because our knowledge of God is poor; our knowledge of God is poor because our preaching is poor. But when the word of God is expounded in all its fullness, and the congregation begins to glimpse the glory of the living God, they bow down in solemn awe. It is preaching which accomplishes this. That is why preaching is unique and irreplaceable.~John Stott, The Challenge of Preaching