New City Youth

New City Crew is our discipleship enhancement program for adolescent peer assemblies. Okay, it’s our Youth Group. Our goal is to do one thing and do it well: Make Disciples.  Period.

New City Crew Blueprint:

  • Teach Jesus (who He is, what He does, and what we do because of it)
  • Develop mature and healthy Christian growth in all areas of life
  • Cultivate community—we encourage teens to fellowship together but not in an exclusive and isolated environment
  • Encourage, equip, and enable parents and caregivers to fulfill their God-given roles
  • Serve outside of ourselves—being a blessing in our homes, church, and community
  • Advance the mission—disciples making disciples

Core Values:

  • Learn about Jesus and the Gospel and how that informs our identity
  • That our identity in Christ informs our actions in all areas of life (home, school, vocation, church, and social life)
  • To live our life as Christians the way we began it—with repentance and faith
  • To intentionally live as the body of Christ, doing good to one another
  • To serve our community through love, service, and being a blessing to others
  • To be an example, even to other believers (1 Timothy 4:11-12)

Currently, we have a combined youth Group (The Well) with Berean Baptist Church.  For more information