Corporate Prayer

We believe a church should be praying with and for each other. We have set aside (alternating with Bible Study) Sundays prior to service to gather together at 9:30AM in the Conference Room to do this. Please join us! In the case, that you are unable to join us, you may email your request to .

“Participating regularly in corporate prayer begins to take out the individualistic assumption that Christianity is only about me and my relationship with God; and it begins to re-situate us as individual Christians in the congregation so that we become aware of this person who’s sick, this person who’s just had a baby, this person who’s unemployed, this person who’s just become a Christian. Participating in corporate prayer helps us discover that our lives as followers of Christ are tied up with one another’s. It helps us discover how God cares about the congregation as an entity—that it should be marked by the fruit of the Spirit and the love of John 13:34-35.” (Mark Dever, IX Marks)