Annual Meeting

Sunday, May 21st Is our Annual Meeting after the morning service. We will share a meal together (so bring a dish to pass!) and the Council of Elders will share about the future of New City Church and how God is leading us forward.

Family Meal/Anniversary Party

Title: Family Meal/Anniversary Party Location: Dining Room Start Time: 12:30 Date: 2017-04-23

Christmas meal

On Sunday, December 13, at 4:30PM, we’re having a Christmas meal together. Bring a dish to pass and prepare for a good time. Ham and mashed potatoes will be provided.

It’s a Big Meal.

On Sunday mornings during our worship time together we intentionally include seven things: prayer, singing, offering, Scripture reading, preaching, communion, and greeting one another. At New City greeting time is a big deal! It’s also far too short. Since it’s a big deal, we want to have a big meal. Think of it as an […]

A Thousand Tongues

New City Church is launching a new ministry called “A Thousand Tongues.” This ministry features the original worship music written by Eric Scholtens (our worship leader). Eric’s music is engaging on multiple levels, from melodies that are fun to sing to the rich depth of the lyrics. We firmly believe this music is a gift […]

prayer meeting on Thursday, December 18

Dear friends, As you know, the Elders have been looking at the possibility of pursuing the building on the corner of Plainfield & Spencer (the old Methodist Church met there; it’s just south of Palmer School). On Sunday I asked you to pray and fast concerning this possibility. If we were to get this building, […]

Come celebrate

On Sunday, May 18, at 4:30PM we will have a meal together and celebrate our third anniversary as a church. This celebration will double as our Annual Meeting. We will enjoy fried chicken, pulled pork sandwiches, and whatever dish you decide to bring! If you call New City Church home, join us at Bethany Christian […]


The resurrection of Jesus is central to our faith in Jesus: if there is no resurrection, we have no hope. Following Jesus cannot be reduced to being “a better way to live.” Following Jesus is rooted in the cosmic restoration of all things. Creation itself will be rescued from the curse of sin. This began […]

Christmas at Creston

  We are joining Creston Church for worship on Christmas Sunday.  The service begins at 10:00AM, not 10:30AM!  We are excited to worship with our brothers and sisters in Christ.  We hope to see you there. Creston Church is located at 238 Spencer St NE, near Palmer School.  Here is a map.

Worship Service

Title: Worship Service Location: Palmer School, 309 Palmer St. NE Description: We’re back home this week! We had two great Sunday worship experiences with Creston Church in their setting on Christmas and New Year’s Day … but now we are back at Palmer. Please join us for a great time of worship and bible study […]