New Sermon Series!

Sunday 9/4 we started our new sermon series in the book of Revelation. The series is called “A Slaughtered Lamb Reigns”, playing on John’s ironic depiction of the only who is worthy, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, who is a Lamb who was slain. As we will see throughout the series, we are […]

City Groups Starting Soon!

City Groups are an essential part of what New City is doing. These small group meetings are the place where community forms and relationships deepened so that we can better honor and love Jesus Christ. New groups are launching this fall! You can sign up HERE  or fill out a form on at the building Sunday […]

Celebrating 5 Years!

We have recently celebrated our 5 year anniversary as a church body. We were blessed to hear stories from our family about how God has powerfully moved in our lives. If you have a faith story that you would like to share please contact us about sharing during a Sunday service. We love to praise […]

Let’s Celebrate!

New City Church launched on April 24, 2011. This means that on April 24, 2016 New City will be five years old! We plan to celebrate God’s faithfulness in Grand Rapids in two ways: we will worship him together in our morning service and we will worship him together in a family meal. Join us at […]

Easter Service

Easter is March 27. Join us for a special celebration of the most important event in history. 10:30AM.

Good Friday Service

We are once again joining our brothers and sisters from Creston CRC and Fourth Reformed for a Good Friday service. The service is a “Tenebrae” service, or service of shadows. It is a service in which we focus on the death of Christ for our sins as we slowly dim lights and extinguish candles, until we extinguish the […]

Christmas Eve service

Join us on December 24 at 7:30PM for a Christmas Eve service.

Christmas meal

On Sunday, December 13, at 4:30PM, we’re having a Christmas meal together. Bring a dish to pass and prepare for a good time. Ham and mashed potatoes will be provided.

It’s a Big Meal.

On Sunday mornings during our worship time together we intentionally include seven things: prayer, singing, offering, Scripture reading, preaching, communion, and greeting one another. At New City greeting time is a big deal! It’s also far too short. Since it’s a big deal, we want to have a big meal. Think of it as an […]

A Thousand Tongues

New City Church is launching a new ministry called “A Thousand Tongues.” This ministry features the original worship music written by Eric Scholtens (our worship leader). Eric’s music is engaging on multiple levels, from melodies that are fun to sing to the rich depth of the lyrics. We firmly believe this music is a gift […]