Meet Pastor Dave (The Man behind the DiSC®)

Most every challenge presents the opportunity to be drawn to God. As I have progressed through life, hopefully, I have learned to tap into the spiritual learning that God has for me. During fairly significant time of struggle, our prayer was that God would not allow us to be the same once we were through it, because otherwise the trial would seemingly be for naught.”

Pastor Dave and Beth, his bride of 36 years, have learned a lot about trusting God through the trials and triumphs of raising 2  sons and enjoying their 5 very active and curious grandchildren. He enjoys his consulting job by helping others shape their workplace environments and cultures in order to be the most productive and efficient.

We had a chance to ask Pastor Dave some questions:

  • Favorite Book of the Bible: Habakkuk (“…great example of God’s willingness to deal with our questions.”)
  • Favorite Attribute of God: His unchanging nature—contrast to my own inconsistency!
  • Favorite Psalm: Psalm 91 because it is a reminder of God’s protection, love and grace.
  • Who introduced you to Jesus? Pastor Arles Bingham
  • What TV show are you currently binging? Life Below Zero
  • Favorite NCC song: Before the Throne of God Above (Bancroft & Cook)
  • Spiritual Gifts: Encouragement & Shepherding
  • Spiritual Discipline that your really enjoy: Singing/Worship
  • Currently on your bedside table:”Not Equal, Civil Rights Gone Wrong” by Ryan Bomberger; BackPacker Magazine
  • Unknown fact that might surprise people about you: Spent a summer during college in Peru. Considered being a missionary there.

Pastor Dave has a heart for God which is evident in his heart for people. Take a moment and get to know him on Sunday mornings. He is currently co-leading a Citygroup and men’s group, as well as serving as an Elder.