Get to know our Gospel Guru—Pastor Dan Lane

“I believe the Gospel (the Story of WHO God is and WHAT God does) affects the every day stuff of our lives. For those who have their confession as “Jesus is Lord”, we are fully loved and accepted by the Father so that we can love and serve others as Jesus did and we get to do so by the power of the Holy Spirit who desires that the Gospel message is lived and spoken in the world today.”

Dan has been married to Brenda over 21 years and they have two sons that are both seeking degrees in computer related fields.

  • Favorite book of the Bible: I Corinthians (It gives me hope that a messed up church like that were still called saints.)
  • Favorite Attribute of God: His never dwindling love and acceptance that is not based on my performance.
  • Favorite Psalm: Psalm 51
  • Who introduced you to Jesus? AWANA and my dad & mom.
  •  What TV show are you currently binging on? The Office and Parks & Rec
  • Favorite New City Song? Kingdom Coming Down
  • Spiritual Gifts: Service, Hospitality, Teaching, Sarcasm and witty banter
  • Spiritual Discipline that you really enjoy: Prayer
  • Currently on your nightstand: The Prydain Chronicles, God Told Me So
  • Unknown fact that might surprise people about you: I have a whole series of novels planned that are set in futuristic Grand Rapids.

*Pastor Dan is currently on hiatus right now. We await his return to serving at New City at the end of summer.