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a new salvation

Every person who has ever lived was born into a cognitive environment. A cognitive environment is the sum total of all the things a person understands and recognizes and knows intuitively. One does not need to be a football fan to recognize what the Super Bowl is—provided one lives in America. A Maasai woman in […]

a deleted scene

My wife loves deleted scenes. Every movie has them. Not all material that is filmed makes it into the final movie. Sometimes it’s clear why a scene was “deleted”; it added nothing to the story. Sometimes, though, a deleted scene offers a bit of insight into the story, but was cut solely for the sake […]

seeking justice

The prophet Amos proclaimed God’s word against the nations surrounding Israel and Judah. When pronouncing judgment against Tyre and Gaza and Damascus and Edom, etc., those hearing him would have cheered. What person wouldn’t want to hear how angry God is with his enemies? If nothing else, hearing of God’s anger and judgment on those […]

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a brief announcement

On June 14 at 10:30AM New City Church will worship together again. We will practice social distancing so a number of things will change. For more details, see here.

services temporarily canceled—UPDATED

Due to the coronavirus / COVID-19 outbreak and in compliance with Governor Whitmer’s Executive Order banning public assemblages greater than 50 persons, New City’s services are canceled through April 5. At this time we hope to begin assembling together again on April 12, just in time for Easter! UPDATE: Please note that Governor Whitmer’s Executive […]

Family Meal & Meeting

New City Family, Make sure to mark your calendars for our next Family Meeting & Meal. Bring your favorite Salad, Dessert, Sides and/or Main course to share with each other. We would love to see y’all there. SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 10TH

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